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Red Locomotive

Give your games some tractive effort!


Red Locomotive is an open source JavaScript game engine designed for complex 2d and/or isometric games. It give developers the tractive effort they need by abstracting complex systems like game loops, pixel/cursor based events, frame rate management, sprite rendering, animation, and much more.


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Use the arrow keys to navigate and the ESC key or switch to another tab to pause. Click anywhere in the window to resume.

Current Features

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Red Locomotive documentation.

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Note to Developers

Currently Red Locomotive is in heavy development. It is not ready for use. More information about Red Locomotive will be added here once there is something to play with.


Engine developed by Robert Hurst.

Sprites from the example above by Phil Welden.

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Click here to lend your support to: Red Locomotive and make a donation at ! Check it out!